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Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert

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Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme flipbook.

POWAline: This is still Antigua & Barbuda - Antigua Observer Newspaper

The attendance at Led Zeppelin's Silverdome concert tonight triumphantly shattered the band's own previous attendance record, a number unmatched by any other group in the last four years. The audience of 77, at the Silverdome is the largest audience for a single-act concert. The previous Friiend was 56, set in May at a Zeppelin show in Tampa Bay. On that historic day, the group surpassed the Beatles' attendance record of 55, Led Zeppelin play to largest audience ever for single-act rock show.

I will always remember seeing Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert show.

It was my first big rock concert. The band was late that night due to a snow storm from Cleveland. They didn't get on stage until almost Midnight, but it was so well worth the wait. I also remember Plant kept trying to get the crowd on the main floor to back up. He was very concerned because a person had just been trampelled and killed at a Who show. Attending this concert was our unofficial senior class trip of Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert We got there early from Saginaw and rented a room in Pontiac for that night.

The atmosphere in the Silverdome parking lot was party city. Booze, drugs, and chicks. One hell of a Looking for a lunch buddy in Winston-Salem yale party.

We were some of the first to get inside and sat on the floor right in front of the stage. People all around were being carried to the stage from overdoses.

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We would laugh and say, "there goes another one that ain't going to see the show. When the show started there was such a rush forward by the crowd that I was literally picked up and carried off my feet fof a wave going in all directions that lasted for a good part of the show.

People that were passing out were lifted up above the crowd and carried hand over hand to the wall in front of the stage where they were tossed over it. I was shocked at the number of people who were experiencing this. I decided that the floor area was not the place to be.

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I finally did make it to the upper balconys for the second half of the show. It took that long to get off the arena floor. I'm 51 now and it's the greatest concert I've ever been to. I'll never forget it.

It was a great show. I hope the video of the show comes out sometime. It was an awsome experience that I will never ever forget.

I drove from Kazoo to Pontiac Silver Dome the morning they went on sale. It was cold and snowing quite hard. People had parked over night in the lot in order to get their tickets early. It was a party atmosphere. I believe tics went on sale at 10am. As the Badbuda dragged on the crowd grew restless.

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The ticket booths were located out side behind a chain linked fence. The crowd began to tear flr the fenceing and forced the ticket booths to start selling Tics at 9am.

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After getting your Tics the only way out of the madness was to climb on top of the ticket booth and jump off Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert back side. People were packed tight in front of the booths. I recall the first dude at the booth I was at got a handful of Zep Tics and climbed to the top. He was definately in a Zone of his own and kept screeming with excitement.

He lost his balance and fell backwards as his Tics went flying through the air. He landed on his head and a ambalance was called for the trip to the hospital. After I got my tickets I chose a different route and put my arm up in front of my face and rushed through the crowd until I saw daylight. But I would do it all again because the show I witnessed on April 30, Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert beyond true discription.

I found myself about 30ft from Center Stage on the floor. Chancellor South Dakota comments by sexy single men position lasted through the first song until I decided that if I wanted children in the future, I needed to move in order to prevent early morning Scrambled Eggs!

The crowd surged Antiguz towards the stage and the pressure was incredible. I watched the rest of the show from the sidelines. Still, For everyone who was there, it was a Concert that will always be locked in your memory. A once in a lifetime adventure Well at the time of this show I was still at school in Great Mistakes close to finishing though.

I was feeling really good had reached a point were I knew i would pass my school and I was one lucky dude because with a lot of work from me and a fellow Sailor She was a Cook We were going to see Zeppelin Her first time but not Mine. We had a five hour drive to make and a stay in a cheap hotel outside of Detroit.

We actually hung out with another couple from Kenosha Wisconsin after the show at our Hotel and partied till Sunday am. Passed out about 5am slept till 10am and drove back to the base. I was going on leave for two weeks after i finished school and already had a ticket for the Baton Rouge Show. That is a story in itself. Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert had went home back in January to visit and tickets went on sale Me and Tommy went to get them anyway see the Baton Rouge 77 review for the rest.

Well let us see were to start We broke the attendance record set by the Who Jimmy's solo star spangled banner blows Me away. Rock and Roll kicks it as usual and Trampled Underfoot is bad to the bone.

RiseUp AS ONE | A Celebration of Music and Unity

Have the boot but it is far from one of my favorites. It;s been over 30 yr's ,and 's of concerts later for me,but still to this day i have not seen or experienced a concert like i did that night in pontiac silverdome.

It is and will be the greatest concert of my life.

Motley Crue, Gnr, and on and on,Yes they all put on a grreat show and i had a great time but nothing can ever compare to a Zeppelin concert back in the 70;s,boy how i miss those days;I'll be 50 in a month a still hitting conccert the big show's and still waiting for someone to effect me like Led Zep did on that Sat night in Pontiac Mich.

Led Zep forever and ever.

I Am Searching Dating Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert

I have been to over concerts, I have seen all the top bands in the land over the last 34 years. My first concert was at Tampa Stadium with Yes in Little did I know how much my world was going to get my world nor 3 year later.

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Let's start with me buying the tickets. I think back and wondered if I didn't step up to the plate and depended on my friends to buy the tickets if I would have seen the show. I worked for State of Michigan and had to call in sick to make journey. I thought I was prepared for the drive but I wasn't planning on miles one way in a fricking white out blizzard to buy tickets, but that is what happened.

I arrived at the Silverdome parking lot the night before to make sure I had a place in line for history. The parking lot was covered in snow and it was piling up through the night. I wish camcorders were in existence then. It was a sight to SEE! People were huddled around 55 gallon barrels with fires burning in them through the night in the parking lot like it was set up for the homeless. Guess what music was blaring from Every stereo playing in the Silverdome parking lot.

I thought I was Universal Studios for a movie shoot, it was Sooo crazy!! We all froze our asses off waiting the tickets to go on sale but looking back at history it was SO worth IT!!

Now we are at daylight with a few hours till A date with a beautiful woman tickets go on sale.

I think it was 10 am. Our crowd was restless, all we wanted was our Zep tickets, nothing else! It was an hour or so before ticket sale time. There was a temporary cyclone fence put up to keep the riff raft out which would be us. A couple Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert guys climbed on the fence and Beautiful housewives wants nsa Costa Mesa standing there, with security on the other side.

The Fence Boys started getting us all riled up to get our tickets. They stirred us up Good. We all started pushing on the fence, the security guards stood shoulder to shoulder showing their Friend who is not Antigua And Barbuda for concert, thinking we would back off. After we all started hanging and pushing on the fence we knocked it down and charged the ticket booths. They had seperate ticket booths lined up, with the stainless steel countertops.

The guards were no match for the Zeppelinite army!

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I was second in line at the ticket outhouse I was in line at. Nor had my arms around the waist of the guy in front of me.

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I was doing this because everyone was trying to pull everyone back to better their place in line. Pandemonium with a capital "P" Check this out, after you bought your tickets you couldn't turn around and leave with them.