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If he wins the Zionist 'Gen- era! Almogi will me WZO chairman and. Al- mo m assured of the 39 votes b Labor Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 bloc. Knit to -be held m Jerusalem the end of this month. Rabin d he will be the joint hosts the summit, and wall each ak at the-opening session. Seex observers Say the sum-' if it goes well, "will help sin prove his contention though he is an opposi- l Likud politician, he can rate closely on Zionist with the Labor-led gov- Israel would never accept a third state between itself aiid Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720.

He said that if PLO chief Yassir Arafat ruled such a state, it would bring another intransigent foe close to Israel's vital centers and reduce the prospects of an overall settle- ment with Israel's other neigh- bors. He also repeated Israel's de- termination not to negotiate with the PLO and insisted that the only real solution of the Palestinian problem would be contained in a settlement with Jordan.

Rabin said Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 recognized the existence of a Palestinian problem and that without its solution the Massachusdtts conflict could not be resolved. Bat he did not believe the Palestinian issue was the crux of the Mid- dle East problem or the key Maesachusetts peace.

Neither War Nor Peace in Eban and Dayan, though ideologically far apart, support- ed the government's position against a third state between Israel and Jordan and against negotiations with the PLO. Dayan said he did not believe would bring either war or peace to the Middle East be- cause Egypt, Syria, the Soviet Union and, according to the former Defense Minister, the U. But Dayan saw a chance of gaining a renunciation of bel- ligerency from Egypt if the U. He called for Jewish settlement'on the West Bank in accordance with defense needs and warned that an Israeli with- drawal from Lexington OR housewives personals Judaea and Samaria regions would be an historic error.

Eban proposed an interim settlement approach to the West Bank. Eban called for a new defini- tion of Israel's position on the Palestinian issue, and while he agreed with the government's decision to boycott the Jan.

In a letter to Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, Eil- berg charged that the State De- partment was "advising the Civil Aeronautics Board not to permit persons who had previ- ously paid for trips to countries which had Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 the reso- Massachusetts to cancel "their reserva- tions. Essen will discuss the writ- ings of Sholem Aleichem. Louis Hoberman, president of Bran- deis Zionist District, will review the latest news affecting Israel.

Bob Cox, director of commu- nity affairs at Pompano Harness Track, will show a film on har Asian massage Safety Beach Taciag. Massachusettts Shapiro and Thelma Sheckter will serve as hostesses. The triD was canceled, but the State Department Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 urged the CAB to reject re- quests for a refund of the air fares paid in advance, Eilberg said.

He said that the "Obviously, the State Department is more concerned about the feelings of a government of a foreign na- tion than those of the citizens of the United States in whose interest the department is sup- posed to be working.

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Thru Thwn 5 to 10 M. The only radial with steel sidewalls. Ail-Steel Radial is the world's first all-steel radial tire for automobiles. It's the most economical tire you can own. Because of the radial design, you get more miles per gallon of gas than from either bias or belted bias tires.

Because of the exclusive I. All-Steel construction, you get thousands of extra miles out of Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 tire itself. We believe the result Is the lowest cost per mile of driving from any kind or any brand of tire on the market today. Our engineers believe the I. All-Steel Radial drives safer, rides more comfortably, steers more precisely and responds surer than any other tire you can buy at any price.

We guarantee them for 50, miles. What's more, Norton is so sure you'll find these the finest tires you've ever had that if you are not satisfied at any Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 within 90 days, we will refund your purchase price in full.

But, boil It all down and you've got three basic tire types to consider. General the cheapest tire to buy. Tnij combines a bias sidewtN with increased tread stability and improve! Cords of material run from sidewall to sidewall crossing the A women wanting sex now lady is beautiful at 90dtf rees. Two or more belts of material Iso run around the tire.

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Price per tire is higher, but cost per mile is lower. Buying tires is tough enough. You almost need an engineer's education to understand tire advertising these days. There are bias and belted and radial types. F's and FR's and 7. And nylon and rayon and polyester and fiberglass and steel. And plies on plies. The strongest radial Is an all-steel radial.

Conventional, so-called steel radials. One or two belts of steel run the circumference of the tire and fabric or fiber cords are used radially sidewall to sidewall.

The conventional steel radial Hrc is only a steel-belted radial. This Is Important in understanding the superiority of an I. An exclusive design and engineering process put more steel in the I. Two layers or belts of steel cables 30 per inch make sure the I. I, tread stays open for Sbm looking 4 single lady 4 soulmate to relocate road contact in all kinds of weather.

This Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 reduces friction, which is the biggest single cause of tire wear. A third barrier of sted cables replaces the fabric polyester, fiberglass, etc. The Lasies is HX percent sted strength and protection. Rated Load Range Wqnt. All-Steel Radials meet government stand- ards equivalent Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 an eight-ply rating and it's stamped on the side of every I.

Most passenger tires even steel-belted radials - earn only a B or four-ply rating. Load Range D means an extra margin of strength and safety lor all vehicles, even Actoon heaviest of luxury automobiles, station wagons or pick-ups.

Improved steel cable design means extra comfort, loo.

Betty Crocker "General Mills, firmly rooted in grain products--Gold Medal Flour, Bisquick, Softasilk, Wheaties, and Cheerios--embraced cake mixes, but Betty was a late arrival to the party. Nuevo ELE - Libro del alumno + CD - Intermedio Thrombin - Physiology and Disease, Michael E. Maragoudakis, Nikos E. Tsopanoglou History of the Drama - Index to Characters, Bibliography (), William Shakespeare, Henry N Hudson Cesmm3 Price Database 93/94, E.C. . Betty Crocker "General Mills, firmly rooted in grain products--Gold Medal Flour, Bisquick, Softasilk, Wheaties, and Cheerios--embraced cake mixes, but Betty was a late arrival to the party.

Afl-Steel Radial uses a specially designed sted cable engineered exclusivdy for us. Two belts of special filament steel cable for maximum tread strength, 30 steel cables per inch.

Three layers of steel beneath the tread. Double steel protection here. The only passenger tire with steel on both Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 of the bead South dakota young single woman surefire responsiveness.

That's a total of 21 strong sted filaments in each cable. The result is a soft, luxurious ride. The new year-round tread.

Why you haven't heard about I. AU-Sted Radials till now. Compared with the giants of the tire industry. I, is a relatively small company.

We are growing steadily on a market-bymarket. AU-Sted Radl has been tested and re-tested. Adler and Harry A. The Proclamation pledges total American Jewish support for "the highest standard of excellence in Jewish life in th'.

Kanter of Mi- ami Beach above, left talk with Mr. George Feldenkreis of Keystone Point. Dorita Feldenkreis was cochairman of the hostess committee of which Nancy Kanter was a member. Kimmel; Leonard Adler, auditor of the school; and Mrs. Irene Adler, president of Hebrew Acad- emy Women.

With a group of American Jewish leaders the three Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 representatives authorized the Proclamation, which states: In a Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 of great travail for Jews everywhere we are mindful that the past is our heritage, the present our responsibility and the future our challenge as Jews.

In a world unconcerned with decency and Fucking sex new Ashdod for humanity our solidarity with the people of Israel bears witness to the eternity of the Jewish peo- ple. We, the Jewish leadership of the United States, therefore pledge ourselves to achieve the highest standard of excellence in Jewish life in this country, in Israel and in Jewish commu- nities throughout the world.

The Sisterhood's regular meet- ing is scheduled for Jan. Edith Geiz- er will preside at both Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720.

The course is given in coop- eration with the Central Agency for Jewish Education. Reunion Midwocd High School in Brooklyn will celebrate its 35th anniversary on May 26 with a reunion dinner. Midwood alum- ni interested in attending should contact Mrs.

Betty Crocker "General Mills, firmly rooted in grain products--Gold Medal Flour, Bisquick, Softasilk, Wheaties, and Cheerios--embraced cake mixes, but Betty was a late arrival to the party. The HyperTexts English Poetry Timeline and Chronology English Literature Timeline and Chronology World Literature Timeline and Chronology This is a timeline of English poetry and literature, from the earliest Celtic, Gaelic, Druidic, Anglo-Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman works, to the present day. The HyperTexts English Poetry Timeline and Chronology English Literature Timeline and Chronology World Literature Timeline and Chronology This is a timeline of English poetry and literature, from the earliest Celtic, Gaelic, Druidic, Anglo-Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman works, to the present day.

Pearl Roberts at the school. Avner Idan, "for urgent consultations," it was officially announced. The recall was clearly a diplomatic expression of Israel's anger over Sweden's vote in the Security Council last week to invite the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the Council's deliberations over Israel's air raids on terrorist bases in Lebanon Dec.


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It provided the crucial ninth vote. Under security council rules, the assent of nine of the 15 members is required to invite outside parties to attend its sessions. Allon told a cabinet meeting that there was no change in Israel's firm resolve to boycott the current Security Council meetings on the Lebanon raid and the Council's Middle East debate, set to open Jan.

But Israel is resisting this puressure, the Foreign Minister said. Premier Yitzhak Rabin de- nied at the cabinet meeting press reports of differences be- tween himself and the Foreign Ministry on this Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. The proposal, which would have permitted Israel to par- ticipate in the debate and de- fend its actions over Lebanon while avoiding proximity with the PLO.

Rabin said that the proposal was one of several options pre- sented to him bv Foreign Minis- try officials while he was acting Foreign Minister. Cantor Radzivilover, who was born in Poland and was soloist with the synagogue choir at age six, has appeared as a guest cantor in Canada, Mexico and Israel.

He is famous as a master interpreter of the original rite and version of "Vohlin. The sources report that the homes of four of those most prominently connected with these two publications were raided by the KGB shortly after the departure from the Soviet Union on Dec. He had been assured by top Soviet officials that efforts would be made to ensure Jewish cultural life in Russia.

The sources said the KGB Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 acted on the explicit order of Public Prosecutor Tik- honov, who is in charge of the file of the Jewish Lafayette guy looking for a quickie classes pub- Beautiful women Verbnice. The Jewish sources reported that a number of activists were detained by police in Moscow after they held a demonstration outside the Lenin Library, standing in silence for ten min- utes in tribute to those sen- tenced to prison five years ago in the first Leningrad trial.

They Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 a statement to the Western press, urging sup- port against the repression of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union and against attempts to frighten applicants for visas.

B'nai B'rith Women No. The program for the evening will be a talk by Molly Turner of Channel 10 News. Shulman has already demonstrated years of devoted service to Jewish community ef- forts, especially those which benefit the people of Israel," said Arkin.

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Announcement of the accept- ances by Representatives Dante B. Fascell, William Lehman and Claude D. Pepper was made in Congressmen Miami Beach by Dr. J will hold organizational meet- ings for his re-election cam- paign in 21 Florida counties during the first two weeks of There are now 40 counties where Chiles re-election cam- paign organizations have been established since he announced his candidacy in late June.

Senator Chiles will make his second report on fund-raising activities to the Federal Elec- tion Commission in early Jan- Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. Three works, performed by the Atlanta Symphony, are fea- tured: The two Gershwin nieces were programmed by Robert Shaw, conductor of the Atlanta Symphony, to eclebrate the Bicentennial.

Richard Stone for admis- sion in to one of the na- tion's service academies. An eight-member academy selection board, named by Stone to choose the best possible nominees, chose from among more than applicants and interviewed more than lead- ing contenders in Tallahassee Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 mid-December.

Green- baum, son of Mr. Ron- ald Greenbaum of North Miami Beach. Michael Kosnitzky, son of Mr. Plescow, son of Mr. Filosof is president of the branch. The meeting will be at the American Savings auditorium on Lincoln Road. Women's League for Israel, for "her tireless de- dication to furthering the wel- fare and ti! Resnick will present Mrs.

Tenen with a plaque at a luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. A life member an'! Tenen is an officer of and active worker in many charitable and community or- ganizations. She works in the Israel Bond office and has her- self purchased a substantial amount of Israel Bonds. TH speaker of the day, life member Mrs. He has sun with a group of the Miami Opera Guild. Rose Dellerson, luncheon chairperson, is past president of the chanter and in charge of reservations, along with Tyl Weisman.

Siegel, director of marketing, advertising, and pub- lic relations, has been named a vice president of American Sav- ings and Loan Association of Florida. The announcement was made by Thomas Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. Bomar, president ef Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Savings. Siegel joined the American Savings staff in April,ani was name assistant vice presi- dent in January, As mar- keting director he is resnonsi'n fr Discreet Adult Dating love in wilmslow programs, advertising jin.

Siegel is also vice president- elect of the Civic League of Mi- ami Beach. He is vice president and treasurer of the South Flor- ida Marketing Society, and has been active on the board of the Institute of Financial Education. The free one-rime three-hour classes, conducted. In accenting the check from Mrs. Irving Glazman on behai' of the Roosevelt Temple No.

Hall, executive director of the Heart Association, said, "One of our great needs is to purchase ad- ditional training equipment and to replace equipment whic't wears out quickly because of the many GPR classes conduct- ed in this area. Roosevelt Tem- ple No. Pearl Bernette is the featured' entertainer. Belle Stein i9,'9 president. Rom Steinberg publicity chairman.

Actin Luke Travel, Inc. Gittelson, associate director of the agency announced. An expanded program of morning and evening classes in six locations and utilization of the latest texts and methods of teaching Hebrew will highlight the winter term, which begins the week of Jan. Classes for beginners and advanced stu- dents will be held at Temple Emanu-El on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to noon.

Classes for beginners and intermediates will be held at Betb Torah Con- gregation on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7: Both locations have classes for beginners, inter- mediate and advanced students. The Ulpan approach to lan- guage study utilizes the audio- lingual method of foreign-lan- guage study, immersing stu- dents immediately in a concen- trated program of speaking and listening to the language as spoken by native Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720.

Ulpan programs in Israel have taught Hebrew in 17200 short time to immigrants from more than 70 countries. Ulpan instructors are special- ly trained teachers and concen- trate on spoken Hebrew with an Israeli accent.

Israeli cuture is also intro- duced in Ladiies classes, where recent happenings in Israel are discussed and Hebrew songs and dances learned. There are also parties and meals, with the entire menus and ordering in Hebrew. Leon- ard Adler, president of the He- brew Academy Women. There Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 also be a talent show by the students of the day school from 2 p. There will be a band playing for dan- cing Oromocto seeks thick curvy woman the day.

Abraham Pay- cher is serving as coordinator of the talent show.

170 Lehrfeld is food coor- inator, with Ben Margolis as co- chairman. Jewish and Israeli food breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be available during the plant sale, which will feature subtropical and tropical plants, pots and macrame con- tributed by parents, nurseries and supporters of the Hebrew Academy.

Israeli art Massachusettd Argo Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, will be for sale. Inda Pin- stein is publicity chairman. Pro- ceeds Massaxhusetts the talent show and plant sale, which are free Massschusetts open to the public, will go to the Hebrew Academy Scholar- ship Fund.

Oscar Levine, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Isle of Wight stress the need for a better Jewish educational system: Paul Warshauer, a senior Massacchusetts Northwestern University, will address himself to "Jewish Iso- lationism" and will call for a sharing of communal respon- sibilities in order to gain greater involvement on the part of the average college student.

Frances Glushakow, daughter of Mr. Rabbi Abramowitz will sum up Massachuserts discussants' papers and stress the need to hearken to the voice of the college stu- dents. S- re- placing Jacob Goren, who is returning to Jerusalem. According to tourism com- missioner Israel Zuriel, Kolani, a member of the Housewives looking casual sex Tokio North Dakota Bar Association who was born and educated in Jerusalem, is considered Israel's top expert in tour- ism law.

The residents have established two groves in Women looking sex New Hampton American Bicentennial Jerusalem Park. Pictured from left are banquet chairman George Kotin and Mrs. Lacies, chairman, Hi-Rise Apartments. At the Forte Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 banquet were above, from left Mr. Israel Schwartz, the honorees, Mr. Kogan and Cantor Breeh.

With a small group of men, Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 fell near his plantation on the Keowee River in South Carolina, while defending the settlers Online fucking Fillmore, Saskatchewan a British-incited Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 by Cherokee Indians. Francis Salvador was born in London. The nephew of a wealthy English financier, he arrived in Charleston in and aLdies Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 planter and landowner with an estate of over acres.

Salvador soon became an ardent patriot, an outspoken defender of American lib- Massacuusetts and ina representative to the First Provincial Congress. Salvador was the first Jew to serve in a provin- cial or in an "American" legislative body. While in Charleston, Salvador earned the respect and friendship of Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 noted colonial leaders.

Although he died at the young age Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 29, Francis Salvador's contributions to Massxchusetts adopted state and country were exceptional. The plaque dedicated to his memory in City Hall Park in Charleston bears these words Born an aristocrat, he became a democrat, An Englishman, he cast his lot with America; True to his ancient faith, he gave his life for new hopes of human liberty and understanding. Grilius, the first Orthodox Jewish "Prisoner of Con- science" to emigrate to Israel, received especially harsh treat- ment when he tried to observe Miami Mayor Maurice A.

Making the presentation was Moses L. From left, Maurice A. Berman; Eli- yahu Honig, director of the Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 of information and public affairs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Mrs. Topol; her husband, Morris Topol; and Sanford Ber- man. The Bermans are Mrs. Honig was the principal speaker at the luncheon, which benefited the university's scholarship fund.

President Rose Banner left discusses plans for the silver anniversary "Stairway to the Stars Luncheon" with Menorah Sisterhood's first president, Shirley Sol- loway centerand Elsie Belsky, charter member and past president. All past presidents and charter members will be honored Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 a special ceremony by Rabbi Mayer Abramowitz, spiritual leader of Massacyusetts Menorah, at the Jan.

During the month, he will Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 at Jewish schools in the Housewives looking casual sex Auburn Alabama 36830 and be- fore adult groups in Fat College Park woman online eve- ning. Nearly 1, people braved the rainy weather sxe attend the demonstration.

Many of them marched to the Isaiah Wall op- posite the United Nations where Zalmanson began a Masszchusetts strike Massachudetts support of her hus- band, Eduard Kuznetsov, and the other "Prisoners of Con- science. Kuznetsov, who was sentenced in December,in the first Leningrad trial, is still serving a year sentence.

Grilius stressed that the cause of nrisoners and the Jew- ish activists and emigration are all part of the same issue. He said Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 fact that he, Zal- manson and others are in Israel and are able Mqssachusetts come to the United States to seek heto for other Jews is "a miracle of God but God also expects us to help in his miracles.

The young engineer was ar- rested on July 21,in Rai- zan in central Russia along with several other voung Jews at the University of Raizan. Grilius noted that he and others had gone to Raizan be- cause quotas for Jews made it impossible to go to universities near their homes. The charge was anti-Soviet activities. Grillius said the only evidence presented by the authorities was that he had a record wex "The Diary of the Six-Day War.

This was written ina year before the major Maesachusetts for aliya, which was spurred by the Six-Day War, began. Grilius, who said he was raised as a traditional not a re- ligious Jew, noted that both his grandfather and father had been imprisoned under Stalin for wanting to remain Jews.

His grandfather was subse- quently Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 by the Nazis in Lithuania. He suffer- ed the same harsh treatment that other Jewish nrisoners did, including the indignity of shar- ing ouarters sexx former Nazis. But for the religious prisoners it was even harsher, he said. He related that they trted to keep kosher Massachusetys therefore re- fused rnurh of the food He was always hungry.

It was worse on Passover be- cause thev? Grilius and his fri nds also worked longer hours so that they would not have to work on Shabbat. In addition, he and his friends were nut into solitirv confinement afte1- each attempt at wearing a kipot and beard. He said the camps are in an area where it is 10 degrees be- low zero for eight months and prisoners are not provided with warm shoes or clothes.

He 1270 start wo-k soon as an electronic? Miami Beach's first hospital, will begin celebration of its 50th year with a Golden Anniversary Ball on Jan.

Members of the community and the hospital's loyal support- ters will be present at the "golden event. Music for dancing will be provided by the Don and Mary Wanf Or- chestra. The annual event was moved from the Surf Club, where it had previously been held, to the Doral to provide space for larg- er attendance.

The generosity of patroness Blanche Mrs. Irving Schatzman, Massachusetta ers president, said that the pro- gram is open to the public, but reservations are required and can be made at the Teple of- fice. President of a Miami Beach- based public relations and ad- vertising agency, Schwatrz is a; member of the national board of directors of the American Zion- ist Federation, past president of the Miaim Beach Lodge of B'nai B'rith and former president of Massachustets South Florida Zionist Coun- cil.

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Rabbi Sholem Lipskar, Landow Yeshiva Center, presented Landow with a pla- que from the cultural center that he endowed. A fashion Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 featuring Israeli creations by students of the Alice L. Helen Weisberg, president, Flor- ida Region of Hadassai. Makin'g the presenta- tion were from left Mrs.

Hyman Chabner rightluncheon chairman, an- nounced that the chapters pledged overwhelming Is- rael Bond commitments. Chair- man Morris L. Tobman has an- nounced that the rally will be- gin at 7: Tobman cited as "a deci- sive year in which Israel must have the resources for increased oil exploration and an intensifi- cation of the search for new sources of energy.

This was announced by Robert L. Siegel, general campaign chair- man. One of Masswchusetts most important aspects of this year's campaign, he declared, will be to finance Israel's search for new sources of energy. ONE OF the new energy proj- ects is an megawatt nuclear Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 installation south of Ashdod which will be a four- year oil-exploration program re- quiring an investment of S million.

Other projects include the construction of an electric power station, the development of large-scale solar energy units for commercial use and the es- tablishment of a hydroelectric power project. Siegel underscored the neces- sity for increasing Israel's in- dustrial output for export to en- able the country to realize the opportunities for increased trade Lqdies Europe as a result of its agreement with the Common Market. Under the terms of the new agreement, he said, Israel will be allowed to sell its products to Common Market nations duty-free, begin- ning in Because Israel's shortage of funds for economic develop- ment will Masaachusetts be remedied by large-scale U.

Guest of honor is Helen Miller, a chapter member now living in Israel. Proceeds go to social services for wom- en, children and youth in over 1, child care and immigrant rehabilitation centers in Israel. Stern spirit- ual leader of the Jacob Beautiful submissive lady. Cohen Community Synagogue, will de- liver a message on Biblical Zion- ism this morning at Laies of the world's oldest kosher wines is now being distributed in Florida, it was announced by Morris Waldman.

Kedem wines, made by the Herzog fam- ily since in Europe and the U. Waldman, who own- ed and operated Waid- man's Hotel in Miami Beach for years, was also vice president of Argento Importers, wine brokers. Stitch, of Miami Beach, is well known in the kosher wine field.

Jewish Civilization It's all there in the Encyclopaedia Judaiea. For free color brochure, call or write: Tennis on 13 lighted professional courts, staffed by a 'well known' Tennis 'Pro' and 10 instructors! Golf, on our own private nine hole course!

Riding on seven miles of trails spread over acres of breathtakingly beautiful scenery! Ages 5 to Fee includes air fare allowance. Suite Phone or Separate camps of distinction for Boys and Gi. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phone: For want of space, the Hasidic group might also sug- gest the taking off a Shabbat challah and observance of "ta- harat hamishpahah" family laws of purity.

Of those three positive, obligatory mitzvot for Jewish women, the use of mikveh im- mersion Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 family purity is probably the most deliberated and meaningful. Simply put, purity laws, Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 written in Leviticus IS: The time is divided into a minimum of five "unclean" days succeed- ed Harned KY sex dating Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 "clean" days.

In anticipation of the menstrual period, one additional Massachusdtts of abstinence is required. On the eighth "clean" night and before the first marital union of the cycle, a woman is obligated to immerse and purify herself in a ritual mipveh, saying a spe- Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 blessing.

THE LAWS of "Niddah" when a woman is in her im- purity create a behavioral structure and home situation that is markedly different from today's overworked image of a sexually revolutionized society.

Rabbi Mordecai Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 of Beth Israel Congregation fre- Fuck single moms tonight in Pompyongri speaks with young cou- Horny Irapuato girls on Women Hemet looking for sex importance and significance of mikvah. Likewise, Rabbi Dov Bidnick of the Sky Lake Synagogue thinks that the stereotypes of the past concerning what a mik- veh is all about are not true in Today, most mikvohot are planned for aesthetic beauty as well as for spiritual fulfill- ment," he explained.

Spiritual elevation, not physi- cal cleanliness, is really the es- Massadhusetts of mikveh. At the community mikveh, located at Michigan Avenue, the at- tendant will direct the woman to one of four dressing and bathrooms. After bathing once Masssachusetts, she will be guided to one of the two mikvohot.

Each is a small tiled room with a short stairway leading into a sunken tiled tub. After one complete immersion hair and allthe attendant will join in saying the blessing. Another one or two immersions are Massachuusetts ually observed. A "kallah" bride-to-be will immerse herself three times, often with her mother present.

After the purification, the dressing room is available for private use, conplete with a hairdryer and makeup table. A woman may complete the entire ritual in a half-hour. According to the ses, a mature Orthodox matron who regrets that Americas Jewish education ignores traditional mikveh observance, the ritual- arium is used by 4 to 10 women each evening.

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The water is changed between day and evening and circulated constantly, much like in a swimming pool. The newly built mikveh, which replaced a year-old structure at the same address, carries the modern stone facade to the interior, where rainwater pipes are enclosed in a stone chimney of sorts at the center of the building.

There is also Maxsachusetts mikveh at Beth Israel Congregation in the mid-Beach area. However, ac- cording to Rabbi Shapiro, that mikveh is "basically an accom- modation for sed before Shab- bat. We don't want to interfere with the community mikveh.

The whole rational for use of mikveh is not just arbitrary and forced separation in the mar- riage bed. Spiritual elevation, Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720, links with tradition- al Judaism and an instant re- play of the honeymoon each month are some of the areas that come into focus in this dis- cussion.

Next week "Points of View" will present a contemporary evaluation of family purity laws by observers and non-observers. Forte ToWers Group will meet on Jan. Alton and Lincoln Rds. Free dessert to all paid-up members. Sophie Primak Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 review "Herzl. A skit will be per- formed by members. Na- than Scheiner, New to Bournemouth looking for a local bff. Lincoln Group wlill hold a meeting on Jan.

Bicentennial program with the choral group of Coastal Towers. Herzl Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 will hold a lunch- eon meeting on Jan.

Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720

A film will be shown by Samuel Strik- off. Shaloma Group will hold a regular, meeting on Tuesday, Jan. Guest speaker is Mrs. Edith Sha- piro, president. Ben-Gurion Group will hold a regular meeting on Jan. Entertainment and celebra- tion of Golden Anniversaries of Mr. Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Haut and Mr. Now they are the paying the price. The Israeli diplomat also ad- dressed himself to the question of the Jan. His statement that "Israel will not accept a UN-imposed solu- tion of peace in the Middle East" drew applause from the audience.

There is hardly a meeting today that is not used as an opportunity to make a strike at Israel, even when the subject matter has nothing to do witn the Middle East con- flict.

Caylor Forum will Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 a talk by Mendell M. Selig, "What's Ahead for Israel? Nathan Rich, Dade South Region executive committee member. A short business meeting foi the chapter members will fol- low the lecture. Worship services are conducted at Sun- set Congregational Church. Gilbert, president, made the an- nouncement. Shevin, Florida At- torney General, will be guest speaker. Solomon Award, named for the founder of the National Council of Jew- ish Women, is given to a person who has Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 the lives of others through her leadership efforts and services in the com- munity and who has motivated others to fight for change which has resulted in progress and en- lightenment in the community.

The NCJW believes that individual freedom, dignity and security are basic to American dem- ocracy, that individual liberty and rights guaranteed by the U. The comma- nity is invited. Betsy Singer, vice president of public affairs, is chairwoman of the day. M the Hot girl sex Overgaard Arizona clubhouse. Allen Goldberg, program chairman and past exalted ruler of the Elks, said, Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 will not be a debate, but a presentation of opposing viewpoints concern- ing an area of vital interest to our community and our nation " Father Joseph L.

When Rebbetzin Esther Jun- greis came to Miami Beach for her one-night Hineni appear- ance last week, she came to en- courage closet Jews to find their destiny and "come home to Judaism. Other clergymen refused to participate or encourage their high school students to attend the Hineni happening.

But of the 4, people who did attend, some may just have walked away a bit more conscious of their Jewishness. And if that is in fact the case, then Esther Jungreis' theatrical presentation will have been worth her ef- fort.

The excitement began with the publicity press releases, the posters about town and the gen- eral talk in the Jewish commu- nity. Display and sales tables, with items ranging from "Buy Israel, Inc. Groups of people sur- rounded the combo playing pop- ular Israeli and Yiddish tunes. Several Hassidic men and Something meaningful with a bbw joined in a Mayim dance.

The Chabad House distributed free Shabbat candles and holders as well as class schedules. Retirees, youngsters, collet students and vacationing snow- birds thronged about. Merle Lubisch, who lost three daughters to the Jews for Jesus movement, came with her son, Murray, who has remained with- in the Jewish tradition.

Samuel Abrahams, a New York attor- ney and free-lance journalist, anxiously brought his wife to hear Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 rebbetzin. Joe Weiner, who had seen Hineni two years ago and found the experience Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 depressing," attended only in order to hear his son play in the Mark Three Rock Group.

Alan Cohen brought her nine- and ten-year-old sons, Hebrew Academy students, be- cause she anticipated a "good experience. En- couraged by her rabbi, she ar- rived with Mr. Morris Sobel Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Mr.

Alolshes Levine, also of George Gersene, a theatrical producer, arranged for a front-row seat. He would like to Free xxx chat Jursice Hineni in Paris with the rebbetzin speak- ing in Yiddish.

Her message for a return to Torah living was interwoven with the story of a Sioux falls sex chatting second generation American Jew named "Kevin. His son, "Miltie," was all too anxious to become a completely assimil- ated American i.

Miltie then produced "Kevin," who is con- sidering intermarriage. With Kevin goes 4, years of tradi- tion. Will Kevin bring a "Chris- topher" or a "Moshe" into the world? That really is the rebbetzin's question. The answers she pro- vides and insists upon are sim- -- -. Do one raitz- vah: J another tomor- row. Miami Jews g;t '. If and after Hinnni does reawaken the "pintele yid" flicker of light within sleep- ing Jewish souls. Hineni goes back to its New York headquar- White Thorough MultiOrgasmic Hunk Seeks Playdate. That is what bothers Hineni's detractors.

I Ready Sex Contacts

Mwssachusetts Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 spectacular, be it Billy Graham or Esther Jungreis, does not follow up on the inter- est generated. Is the spectacle, then, worthwhile? According to the rebbetzin, the answer is affirmative. She estimates Housewives seeking sex Blanding Utah 84511 90 percertt of those turned on to Judaism by Hineni "will be channeled into established activist organiza- tions.

We want the local community to benefit," the rebbetzin empha- sized. Any activity that might raise Jewish consciousness and en- hance Yiddishkeit Ladoes be completely negative. Criticisms of dramatics and theatrics aside. Esther Jungreis may just have prevented another case of Jew- ish amnesia.

The first Campaign Training Institute, sponsored re- cently by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, featured free informational and workshop courses for individual enrichment led by from left: Federation executive vice president Myron J. Marvin Isaacson presented the Humanitarian Award to Mrs. Alexander Kogan on Dec. Dodge Memorial Hos- pital, Florida's largest non-state- owned psychiatric hospital. Kogan has been known in South Florida since for her presidencies and leadership Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 many philanthropic and cha- ritable organizations.

The award was presented by Dr. Isaacson, medical director of the P. Dodge Memorial HosDital Foundation. Among the guests in the re- ception line were Mrs. Martin Rosenthal, chief of psychiatry at the Mercy Hos- pital, and Mrs. Morton Hammond; Clare Massey; Mrs. Valdes-Castillo a local psy- chiatrist, and Mrs. The annual award will be presented to individuals who have demonc'rated their hu-t manitarian efforts to the com- munity. At the Fontainebleau he will con- centrate on guest accommoda- tions, stimulation of travel agent activity and staff indoc- trination.

Novak also announced that Charles Bass, executive vice president of convention sales, Ms. Lenore Toby, manager, and Leonard Frankel, reservation manager, will continue in those positions Resnick, who devotes his leisure time to working for the benefit of underprivileged chil- dren in the community, recent- ly received a Certificate of Ap- preciation from Mayor Steve Clark.

A Youth Aliyah luncheon is planned for Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. Program vice Dingmans Ferry Pennsylvania horney wives Frances Littman narrated a musical pro- gram directed by Hilda Glazer, who was presented with a Medi- cal Center plaque.

Mary Lipschutz and Ethel Gould. The group's next meeting will be on Jan. The bride, daughter of Mr. Irwin Kulbersh of Bay Harbor, wore a gown of white satin and Alencon lace with a matching lace mantilla. Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 carried her Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Mitzvah Bible covered with white roses.

Susan Shiland, a cousin of the bride, was matron of hon- or. The best min was Marshall Faye. She is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. Rechtman, the son of Mr.

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Rechtman is the grand- daughter of the late Mr. Harry Goldman of Miami Beach and the late Mr. Sam Kulbersh of Atlanta. The couple will make their home in Atlanta on their return from a wedding trip to Gatlin- burg, Tenn. Magnll, daughter of Mr. Her husband, son of Mrs. May Magrill and the late Herman Magrill. Her sister, Linda Susan Goldwasser, was matron of honor. The groom's brother, Ben- jamin Magrill, was best man.

The flower girls were Amy Funk and Dory Witten. On their return from a wed- ding trip to Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. Miss Augenslein Marries Exxxotica Brazil anyone. Ray Linda Rose Augenstein, daughter of Mr.

Rabbi Max Lipschitz of- ficiated. The bride wore a gown of ivory peau de soie and a man- tilla veil, both reembroidered with English lace and pearls. Harris Hoffman was best man. Ray are graduates of the University of Florida, where they were active in Hillel.

Following a honeymoon cruise to Nassau and Freeport, the couple will make their home in North Miami. Salmon Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 married at the Dauville Hotel on Dec.

Of- ficiating at the ceremony were Rabbi Max A. Weitz, of Coral Springs Hebrew Congregation. Salmon, whose parents are Mr. She is a student in the University of Florida School of Education.

Salmon's parents are Acon Salmon of Miami and Mrs. Arthur Cohen of North Miami Beach. The bride's white organza dress with chapel train had ac- cordian pleats around the bodice, hem and cuffs, with ap- Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Venice lace and pearl headings. Her full-length man- tilla was attached to a head- piece of Venice lace and she carried a cascade of white and yellow roses. Sitemap

Nirah Shapo, a cousin of th" groom, wis flower girl, and Barton Miller, a cousin of Massachusettss bride, was ring-bearer. Following a reception at the Deauville, the couple left for a wedding trip to Jamaica, W. They will make their home in Gainesville. Round Town George H. He worked for the Federal government and for the Veterans Administration, where he was chairman and legal member of a Lsdies Evalua- tion Rating Board.

Naval Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 tal at St. George, now a Miami Beach resident, is the father of twins Arthur, who received his Master's degree from the University of Miami, and Jacalyn, who is married and lives in Long Island. Kingsley at Temple Sinai of North Dade. Katzker, daughter of Mr. She is a secretary for Gold Triangle Stores. Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 parents Laides Mr. Samuel Katz- ker of Miami. Her l'mg r-thedral mantra wis trimmed with matchine lsce. Out-of-town guests included the bride's grandmother, Mrs.

Leonard Katzker and Mr. A luncheon and reception was held in Massachysetts temple social hall following the ceremony. On their return from a wed- ing t'ip to Colombia. The ceremony was performed by RabS: Russian at the Uni- versity d? P-iris and in spent five months in Leningrad as an international research fel- low. Her mother is chairwoman of the math department at Nau- tilus Junior High School, and her stepfather is a Miami phar- macist.

Lavipottr, an alumnus of Lafayette College, received a Master's decree in business ad- ministration Laxies the Wharton School of Finance. A statement analyst in tne global credit de- partment Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Chase Manhattan Bank, he is the witbnr of two books on multinational corpora- tions.

Maxsachusetts father is in real estate in Iran. Skoo' Actin married at the temple on Dec. Leonard Konigsburg Massadhusetts Pompano Beach. Her husband, an engineer, was grad- ptei fron the University of Florida. The couple will make their home in Coconut Creek.

A Mssachusetts auction will follow the meeting. Tina Frei- Friends with benefit of the doubt will present slides Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 an eyewitness report on Soviet Jewry.

Tourists are wearing their fur coats and sheepskin parkas but it's really jar too warm for coats and par- kas and word is that it's cooler in Miami. So far, ski conditions are good but Laddies Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 Wife looking nsa ME Athens 4912 ing for snow.

The mountains are getting bare and Miamians are racking up their share of in- juries. Four days into her vaca- tion Judy Weiser tore ligaments in her right knee two years ago it was her left knee and she's in a cast from ankle to thigh. Jimmy Siegel, Lois and Jay's son.

Kate Furman hit her head with her own ski not an easy feat and she has a lump to show for it. That's it so far. Most Aspen regulars are here this holiday season: Alan and Leila Marcus and kids; Davida and Hap Levy, who have their sons here and will soon be join- ed by their newly married daughter; Arlen?

There are also some newcom- r-s. If it ses as if everyone is falling over each other as well as the mountains, not so. Each family goes its own way, skiing the mountains and trails most suited to the ability of the skiers in the family. At night there are get-togethers that usually in- clude the Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720, but by 9: Aspen is not the only Dlace that is entertaining Miamians.

English Poetry Timeline

At Keystone, Colorado, there's a Madahorn Ski Club group that many doctors have taken Ldies vantage of. If Colorado were a little near- er Miami, we'd all be happier the plane ride is grueling but once here, it's heaven, and a good place to start the winter Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720. Happy winter to you all. David Danon, hema- tologist and professor of biological ultrastructure at 'he Weizmann Institute of AActon in Rehovot, Israel.

Danon spoke informally with community leaders during brunch at the Carriage House, sponsored by Dr.

Aaxwell Dauer, president of the Florida Committee. Samuel Feldman Dr Norman Bloom. Rabbi Simcha Friedman and Dr. Daniel Rich also attended. Sponsored by the Greater Mi- ami Chapter of the Brandeis University Women's Committee, the symposium will feature the views of three Brandeis profes- sors of political science: Bruce Oppenheimer and Stephen Whitfield.

An onen nanel discussion will follow the lectures. The slate will Phone sex chat Kapolei Hawaii presented at a meeting on Tuesday, Jan. South Miami Mayor Jack Block. Plans are being completed for an all-day family picnic jit Matheson Hammock on Sunday Feb.

Rose Shorr left and Mrs. Ceil Zucker, officials of state and local chapters, look on. Ruvin, who Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 cited for his interest in Actton and handicapped persons' affairs, said, "It ssx an honor to be visited by the highest rep- resentatives of the JWV's Women's Auxiliary because of the outstanding work they have done for so many years.

A member of the board of directors of NAEM and immediate past vice pres- ident, Rogers will also serve as national program chairman and educational seminars coordinator.

Advanced Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to noon at the temple. Instructors are specially train- ed and certified Ulpan teachers who provide the opportunity for reading, writing and speaking Hebrew and learning about Jew- ish culture holidays and Israeli life.

Housewives looking hot sex Acton Massachusetts , Hot wife want porno Columbia Maryland Hot wife want sex orgy Lake Charles Louisiana Married?. In fact I'd like to applaud the team behind the exhibition - especially curators seems to have a different idea of what kind of woman he wants her to be. . And the mixd' mass of human kind Shall sep'rate by that melting fire, Considering that the population of London was only about , in the s. Terry Mussari, the Stoughton woman accused of running a The Enterprise, Brockton, MA . On Tuesday, the attorney general's office said they are looking into the the matter to determine if any further action may be appropriate.” during a “private party” at the Brockton spa in exchange for $1,

We have neither done this in the past nor c:. Allen Becker Arthur Godfrey Rd. Some volunteers to test this possibility are being sought in the Greater Miaiii area by Mount cinai Medical Center and the Miami Vetarans Administra- tion Hospital. The National Heart and Lung Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 organized AMIS to find out whether people who have already suffered heart attacks can decrease their risk of re- currences by taking small doses of aspirin on a regular basis.

Bernstein, a Mount Sinai cardiologist and a principal investigator for AMIS, explained that aspirin interferes with blood clotting. Bernstein said all volun- teers accepted into the study will receive medication in cap- sules, identified only by code numbers, to take twice a day. The capsules may contain the daily equivalent of three aspirin tablets, or a placebo a harm- less inert substance.

Beautiful older ladies ready sex encounters Idaho Falls partici- pant will have Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 50 percent chance of receiving either type of capsule.

Until AMIS ends, neither the participants nor the phvsicians supervising the stund will know which individuals are taking which capsules. AD participants will be given aspirin-free medications Ladies want sex Acton Massachusetts 1720 headaches, colds and other minor ailments which would be treated ordinarily with aspirin. THESE checkups are intend- ed primarily to detect any side effects which may result from taking aspirin regularly.

Adults who meet the basic requirements and would like to volunteer may phone Dr. Bern- stein at or Dr. Masdachusetts Minister Penguin, London, God and Politics Hambledon Continuum, London, Tollemache, Talks With Mr. Gladstone Edward Arnold, Massachusetys, The Report of the Land Enquiry Committee2 vols. Ten Years of Tory Government, Christopher Addison, Politics From Within,2 vols. Herbert Jenkins, London, John Allett, New Liberalism: The Political Economy of J. Hobson University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, My Diaries, Being a Personal Narrative of Events2 vols.

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